LSP Teaching MOOC

The CATAPULT Consortium is happy to announce that Season 4 of the "Teaching LSPs MOOC" is to start on 7 March 2022. This  Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) aims to upskill general language teachers who want to specialise in LSP pedagogies, as well as LSP teachers interested in updating and expanding their pedagogical repertoire, and in integrating the use of technology in their practice.

Season 3 of the LSP Teaching MOOC took place in 2021 and gathered 293 participants. Among these, over 70 participants were awarded badges and 11 of them also received a Certificate for their outstanding contribution as a participant in the course. 

If you want to be next, don't miss Season 4 of the MOOC, starting on 7 March 2022.

Take a sneak peek at what participants can expect from the course in the short teaser below and register today for free (by clicking on the "MOOC Registration" button below).

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LSP Teachers' Community Of Practice

The aim of CATAPULT's Output 4 (Community of Pratice - CoP - platforms) is to set up an online Community of Practice, in which language teachers, and in particular LSP teachers, can meet, discuss best practices and share relevant resources: LinguaCoP. A key element of LinguaCoP is the matching tool Linguaclick, in which freelance language teachers can offer their services to a wide audience of language learners, nationally and internationally, online and/or on location.

LinguaCoP and Linguaclick are not only public and freely accessible, they are also intended to lead a dynamic life and get continuously adapted to the needs of the users and to the latest developments in language teaching. How so?


One of LinguaCoP's activities is the organisation of professional development. Every year we will focus on 3 to 4 themes. The entire LinguaCoP site will be used for this purpose with webinars, discussions through our Forums, articles in our Blogs, resources in our Inventory.

In connection with these activities, we appeal to our newsletter readers:
1. We are very curious to know which themes our readers  and members of our community would like to focus on in the coming years. Therefore we would like to invite you to share your ideas about this in the mini poll we have set up for you.
2. We are looking for volunteers who want to help make LinguaCoP a vibrant and dynamic community. You can read how we intend to do this and with whom in this blog post in which we also explain how you can participate as a volunteer in the development of our CoP.


We've been working hard lately to make the Linguaclick Teacher File even more user-friendly. We continue developing Linguaclick into the best online matching tool for language training. We would like to invite all language teachers who work independently and who are looking for language students to register in our free search engine.

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