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CATAPULT's Output 4 (Community of Pratice - CoP - platforms) is now available for LSP teachers to use for free. To fight the feeling of isolation among LSP teachers and provide pedagogical support, the CATAPULT consortium has developed an online environment that enables European LSP teachers to become part of an online community of practice. The CATAPULT ecosystem now includes LinguaCoP, which comprises forums, blogs and a shared teaching resource inventory, and LinguaClick, a multilingual matching tool which enables LSP teachers and potential employers to connect.

Watch the short presentation video below to find out more... and become a member - for FREE - of our online LSP Teachers' Community of Practice!

LSP Teaching MOOC

The Consortium is currently hard at work revising course content of Output 3 (LSP MOOC). This  Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) aims to upskill general language teachers who want to specialise in LSP pedagogies, as well as LSP teachers interested in updating and expanding their pedagogical repertoire, and in integrating the use of technology in their practice.

Season 2 of the LSP Teaching MOOC took place in October-December 2020 and gathered 277 participants. Among these, over 70 participants were awarded badges and 15 of them also received a Certificate for their outstanding contribution as a participant in the course. Congratulations to all of our Season 2 participants!

Based on the feedback we received from participants, another revision phase to course content is currently underway and will be complete in time for Season 3 of the MOOC which will start on 1st March 2021.

Take a sneak peek at what participants can expect from the course in the short teaser below and register today for free (by clicking on the "MOOC Registration" button).

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Next CATAPULT Events

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The CATAPULT Consortium will sadly hold its final meeting in August 2021 in Paris (epidemiological situation permitting) after three years of intense and rewarding collaborative work.

On this occasion, we will also organise a one-day Symposium on 25 August 2021 which will mark the end of the project (project's final conference). This event will give us the opportunity to (1) present the work done during the project's lifetime, (2) give some of the end users (MOOC participants, CoP platform users...) a chance to share their views on the resources and tools developed, and (3) discuss the future of the CATAPULT resources and tools and, more generally, future directions in LSP Teacher Education.

Participation in this symposium, which will be a hybrid event (with both online participants and onsite participants - epidemiological situation permitting), is totally FREE! To register, simply click on the "Symposium Registration" button below and fill in the online form.

Finally, please note that the CATAPULT Symposium will be followed by the 2021 EUROCALL Conference (European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning - 26 & 27 August) which you might also want to take part in. More information can be found on the EUROCALL 2021 Conference website.

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